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"Pastures New" Area competitions
April 2023 at Tunley, Bath

Class 1  Down on the Farm - 1st  Innovations                                               Class 2 Drink up thy cider
Judges' Choice and Peoples' Choice                                                               1st Tonia Grant
Class 3  Milking it                           Class 4 Under the Greenwood tree         Class 5  Scrapped and recycled
1st  Jackie Crouch                           (Petite)  1st  Sheila Bailey                          1st  and Best in Show  Jan Jones 
Class 6 (Craft) Shorn                       Class 7  The Farm Shop               Class 8  Red Sky at Night
1st  Fleur White                                1st  Ro York                                   1st  Margaret Baker        
Class 11 (Juniors) Springtime
Joint 1st  Bethany Pearce

Pop up images of Trophy winning designs - click the image. 

Class 9 Picnic in the hay field          Class 10  Wipe your feet                  Class 11 (Juniors)  Springtime
1st and runner up Best in Show     1st  Lesley Hunt                                 Joint 1st  Freya Smith
Mary Keily
Best Novice or Intermediate
Class 10  Wipe your feet
Wendy Cosh


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