Please note that because of the Coronovirus pandemic, many SW Area and Club events have been cancelled until further notice.  Do check with the persons concerned before setting out for programmed meetings.  


The South West Area of NAFAS was formed in 1955 and became a charity in 1987.

We are a member of NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies),

itself a charity.

Our aims are conservation and education in all spheres of our art, fun and friendship through flowers.

There are 38 clubs spreading from Swindon in the North to Ile Valley in the South, Marlborough in the East to Portishead in the West.  To find a Club near you, click here, Club Locations,  or click on the Club Locations menu button above.

Membership varies from those who have joined through a love of gardens, gardening

and horticulture to those who enjoy arranging flowers in their homes and churches.

All are welcome from beginner to the more experienced.



























President -  Diane Clark

Vice President -  Mary Keily

Chairman -  Pat Cooke 

Vice Chairman -  Coral Gardiner

Treasurer -  Jenny Payne

Secretary -Pam Wittcomb

Area Officers

Chairman for Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Teachers -   Mary Keily

Chairman for Teachers Association  -  Rosemary Kerr
Area Media -  Vacant

Editor of Area News -  Lucy Ellis

Flower Arranging Magazine -   Sue Gaskin

Photography -   Fleur White 

Web Editor -   Isobel Cameron