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Taunton Shower Show 2022

Taunton show class 1.jpeg
Class 3 Sitting pretty  in a chair.jpeg

Class 3  Sitting Pretty 
E W Brice Memorial Trophy
presented to Winner: Maggi Hall

Class 4  Supermarket sweep.jpeg

Class 4  Supermarket Sweep
Winner : Michele Weaver

Class 1 Royal Garden Party.jpeg

Class 1 Royal Garden Party - The Western Provident Association Trophy
presented to Winner: Taunton Flower Club - Nicky Heal, Joy Garland and Shirley Jordan

Class 2 pedestal.jpeg

Class 2   70 Glorious Years
The Goodland Cup presented to Winner : Betty Buxton

Class 5 Back to basics.jpeg

Class 5  Back to Basics
Winner : Mary Scriven

Class 6 Shaped by nature.jpeg

Class 6  Shaped by Nature
Winner : Mary Scriven

Class 7 Parallel thinking.jpeg

Class 7  Parallel Thinking
Presented with the Dodd Bowl for most innovative exhibit
Winner : Fleur White

Class 8 Pirate booty Petite.jpeg
Class 10 Chop and change Imposed.jpeg
Class 9  Crowning glory Craft exhibit.jpeg
Class 11 Diamond dazzler Minature.jpeg

Class 8  Pirate Booty
Petite exhibit presented with the Frederick and Florence Gill Memorial Rose Bowl 
Winner:  June Bale

Class 9  Crowning Glory craft exhibit Winner: Maggi Hall

Class 10  Chop and Change
Imposed exhibit Winner: Jackie Crouch

Class 12 Jewel garden On a plate.jpeg

Class 12  Jewel Garden exhibit on a plate
presented with the Williams Cup for best foliage Winner: June Bale

Class 11  Diamond Dazzler
Miniature exhibit Winner:  June Bale

Class 13 Something in the air Hanging exhibit.jpeg

Class 13 Something in the Air
A hanging exhibit
Winner: Margaret Heal

Class 14 Guess who's coming Table exhibit.jpeg

Class 14  Guess who's Comming to Dinner? A table exhibit set for a celebrity guest (David Attenborough) 
Winner:  Joy Garland

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